Robo Sauce Blender – Make Delicious Sauces like Never Before!

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One of the most engaging activities in the kitchen is perhaps the time taken to look at your favorite dish being cooked properly. It needs stirring in a while to ensure proper cooking, proper heat supply to every other part, and mixing of the ingredients. Here is where our groundbreaking idea helps. We bring you a hands-free stirrer. It moves in two directions, one around the pot and its blades where the stirrer is placed.

So, cooking is not a problem anymore. Once all the ingredients are put, this automatic stirrer with its silicone feet can ensure moving around in every possible direction.


  • Automatic pot stirrer which moves in two directions to stir equally
  • Cordless with 3 different speed for your needs
  • Suitable for all kinds of dishes
  • Safe for non-stick and all sorts of pots and pans as well
  • Evenly distributes the heat all over the pan or pot


  • Cord Type: Cordless
  • Power: 4 AA Type Batteries (Not Included)